Terms of Use



This site is currently in Beta Test mode. We will be adding more information to this page throughout the months of November and December 2016.

All stories are the copyright of the storytellers. The Flyways will only request to retain rights to stories that will be published through the company. The Flyways reverts rights back to storytellers after a predetermined amount of time. More details on this process will be forthcoming throughout November and December 2016.

Storytellers are free to use the stories they create on this platform in other places. Members are NOT allowed to use stories from other members without express permission from other members.

Certain activities will NOT be tolerated on this platform. Accounts of users who are found to be engaging in any or all of the following activities will be blocked at the discretion of The Flyways:

  • Harassment of Members (including verbal abuse, trolling, and/or slander)
  • Plagiarism (either of another member’s work or from work created outside this platform)
  • Theft of Intellectual Property (for example, posting another member’s story without credit or without permission)
  • Gratuitous Sexual, Violent, and/or Graphic Content