How does a story drive impact?

Welcome to a new marriage of story publishing and doing good in the world. We at The Flyways are so incredibly honored to present our heart-centered publication, The Story is Evolving . . . , with the world. Subscribers get to interact directly with the main story “Guardians of the Sacred” as it unfolds over the next year! To support our commitment to social justice, 25 percent of your subscription fee is donated to Led By HER, an entrepreneurship incubator for French women who are survivors of various forms of violence.

Subscribe for a year to get the full 12 issues of The Story is Evolving . . . The publication launches June 1, 2016, and features Led By HER Executive Director Chiara Condi’s fable set in modern day Naples, “Guardians of the Sacred.” By subscribing, you will have plenty of opportunities to co-create short form stories, as well as contribute to Chiara’s narrative. You may end up being published with us!


Join The Flyways and author Chiara Condi on June 1 for the official online launch party on! Chiara will be reading excerpts from “Guardians of the Sacred,” and we’ll be soliciting your story ideas and offering cool subscription packages. Enter your email address below to join our mailing list and pre-subscribe to The Story is Evolving . . . , and we’ll keep you updated with links and special offers! Pre-subscribers will also get VIP access to Chiara and Flyways CEO Hillary Strobel during the launch party.

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