Stories Drive Impact.

Welcome to The Story is Evolving…, an innovative marriage of collaborative story publishing and social justice. We are inviting you to participate in real-time in building stories that will change lives.

The Story is Evolving… is a heart-centered, interactive multimedia story platform run by The Flyways. Inc. The Flyways is a registered Benefit Corporation. We invest 15% of company profits in social enterprises around the world. So all of our supporters become financial investors in the kind of future we want to see!


How much of a difference do you think an individual could make in the life of someone across the world? It turns out, A LOT.

While it’s good to be concerned about what is happening locally, we here at The Flyways believe that connecting people around the world through a well-told story is the key to true sustainable progress from this day forward.

One of the root causes of dis-empowerment is keeping people in silos, unaware of what others are achieving and therefore leaving a person with the impression that they couldn’t possibly reach a certain level of potential.

We address that directly with storytelling that connects people from around the world to each other around shared interests and shared potentials.

This is our authentic mission.

The Flyways, Inc. knows that Stories Drive Impact. As a publishing company, we put storytellers first by paying them a living wage. We also know that impact is created through our business model: investing profits in vetted, authentic organizations that contribute to social justice on the front lines.

Of course, the most important part is the story! That’s where you come in, as co-creators in real time. We’ve provided the platform for our members to engage with, and help shape the future of, each story as it is posted in real time. Now it’s up to you to guide the work.

And that is driving impact.

Testimonials for our first project, “Guardians of the Sacred”

“Flyways publishing projects are a unique way of funding social enterprise. The eagerly anticipated first project in support of Led By HER is a great example of how stories can fund social enterprise.” – Elaine Slatter, Partner at XL Consulting Group

“I’m happy to support in The Flyways and Led By HER in any way I can. You are wonderful and I think your platform is so innovative. I look forward to seeing how it all evolves; it will be grand for sure!” – Jo-Ann Hamilton, Founder at Secret Birds

Your heart and soul will thank you for contributing your story, and so do we!